Chinese New Year Activities

2011 is the Year of Rabbit, from January 28, 2011 to February 17, 2011, there are a variety of activities and celebrations in Hong Kong. You are welcomed to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

  • February 3, 2011. Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade.
  • February 4, 2011. Lunar New Year Fireworks Display.
  • February 5, 2011. Chinese New Year Race Day.
  • February 11, 2011 to February 17, 2011. Hong Kong Well Wishing Festival at Lam Tsuen Wishing Square.
  • January 14, 2011 to February 20, 2011. Ngong Ping 360 'Wealthy' wishing cable car.

For more information, please refer to the official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Accompanying Person Program

  • Big Buddha (February 9, 2011)

Sitting in amid of the spectacular mountain scenery of Lantau Island, big buddha is the world's tallest bronze buddha. Big Buddha sits on a lotus atop Ngong Ping plateau. Weighing 250 tones this majestic figure of Tian Tan Buddha is 34 meters high. It took over 10 years to complete the statue, and was opened for public viewing in 1993 accompanied by deeply religious ceremonies

  • Tour to the Central (Hong Kong Island) (February 10, 2011)

Hollywood Road: Crammed with antique shops and an open-air curio market, cat-street is ideal place for picking up eclectic souvenirs and gifts. Everything from Ming dynasty furniture and lotus lamps to Mao badges and ancient snuff bottles is on sale here.

Man Mo Temple: Man Mo Temple is a picturesque tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo).

  • Half day tour to Kowloon Peninsula (February 11, 2011)

Jade Market: The Jade Market is a collection of around 400 stalls selling a wide range of jade pendants, rings, bracelets, carvings and ornaments. Jade is something very important to Chinese people and is associated with long life and good health. The written character for jade means a combination of beauty and purity.

Ladies Market: Ladies' market is one of the most popular shopping street markets and is a must-visited destination for fashion lovers with an eye for bargain-priced clothing, bags, accessories, toys, cosmetics and household knick-knack.

  • Tour to Cheung Chau Island (February 12, 2011)

Cheung Chau (meaning “long island” in Cantonese) is one of the most popular of all the outlying islands. Shaped like a dumbbell, it is a picturesque island with a waterfront that bustles with activity. There are butcher shops and vendors selling fresh fish, shellfish, fruit and vegetables where you can pick up fresh seafood and have it cooked for you at a nearby restaurant.

For more information about above places, please refer to the official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Please contact priyanka[at]cse[dot][cuhk][dot]edu[dot]hk for queries related to logistics.

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